Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Week 14 : The D – day

This week is the presentation week of my robot after all had been done, the sweat of my eye brows, the cost and money spend I have managed to finish it, Alhamdulillah... I will do the preparation for the VIVA by preparing the slide show and also think the way to demonstrate it.

I think this is the opportunity for me to thanks for  my Final Year Project Advisor Madam Zaridah from Electronic Engineering Department University of Kuala Lumpur British Malaysian Institute for her support and advise in making my project.

If we ask all the Final Year Student, all of the wanted to score in this subject and so do mine...I wanted to do  well in the presentation or VIVA , and also produce a good report to submit to my project advisor , I’m proud of being UniKL BMI Electronic Engineering student.


Week 13 : The Born of what so called Vacuum Cleaner Robot ( VCR)

My robot is finally finish and been completed in this week, and  below is the picture of it:

This robot will also clean the carpet and mattress, unfortunately I have found something very useful for my robot in doing it’s job:

Above is the Carpet and Mattress Roller which we can use it to grab or pick the hair, dust and even a small and light-weight rubbish by rolling it on them. I decided to attached it to my robot , thus the robot will drag it anywhere it goes and wandering or casting on the surface of the floor and any other mattress.

Week 12 : The Casing and Appearances Design of the Vacuum Cleaner Robot

The plan for this week is to design the casing of the robot and also it appearances. I found that casing is important to protect the circuit and it’s component inside against water, weather, dust, or anything that could harm the robot. Besides, it also make the Vacuum Cleaner Robot looks beautiful like a fine art work of electronic engineering student.

I design the casing that attached to the frame of the robot using a hasp :

I put the 2 Blue LED and 1 Red LED in my own style! On the casing of the robot , I hope it will look fantastic :

There were 2 Blue LED parallel with 2 DC motor just to show the robot is communicate if it want to start moving and turning left and right. The LED indicator for the vacuum when it’s operating is also there in that pinky face.

Week 11 : Continue from previous week 10 :The Frame/ body and Hard ware Design of the Vacuum Cleaner Robot

This week I continue on focusing on hardware of the robot. I decided to trim the frame of the robot using the electric grinder to make it a little bit small, I believe it also will make the robot become a little lighter and can move more smoothly.

From underneath view of Vacuum Cleaner Robot:

From right view of the Vacuum Cleaner Robot :

Week 10 : Continue from previous week 9 :The Frame/ body and Hard ware Design of the Vacuum Cleaner Robot

The Circuit had been placed on the robot :

The switch to ON and OFF the robot and the Vacuum Cleaner which the right is for robot and the left is for Vacuum :

All the assembly is done :